Extending beyond our four walls

What Outreach Is All About

Extending Grace Youth Night

We meet on Tuesday nights at the MADA building in Montrose for our city youth outreach night. Join us as we present the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to our town!  

Opportunities: Meal prep, set-up/tear down, Olley the Trolley host, small group leader, worship team, prayer team.

Contact: Julia Gomez 970-249-5306 x 27

Mobile Food Relief

Help us bless our community with groceries! We set up at different locations around town and provide lunch for all who attend as well as groceries to help relieve pressure on families in need. Each family is prayed over and blessed by the gift of food!

Opportunities: Food donations and delivery, greeters/hosts, cooks, set-up/tear down, prayer team.

Contact: Monica Baroz 970-249-5306 x 27

Outreach Events Team

Several times a year the Outreach team sets up events related to the Gospel of Jesus. We capitalize on seasonal events like Christmas and Easter, and Music by the River to share the story of Jesus through live events and dramas.

Opportunities: Set-up/tear down, hosts, decoration, food prep, cooks, music, prayer teams, drivers.

Contact: Jeremy Sandeno 970-249-5306 x 25

Love the Western Slope

We strive to share God’s love through random acts of kindness.

Opportunities: Intro to Outreach, love to bless? This is for you! 

Contact: Ariel Lopez 970-260-5773

Friday Night Films

Why not watch a movie outside with friends you haven’t met yet? We grill up some burgers, hand out popcorn and watch a fun movie just to meet people in our town.  

Opportunities: Set-up/tear down, food, refreshments, connection.

Contact: Julia Gomez 970-249-5306 x 27

ESL Class

Join us on Thursday mornings to learn Spanish or English with friends! This is a great way to connect and learn the Bible while broadening your opportunities in our community!

Opportunities: Learn, connect.

Contact: Sandy Anderson 970-596-5542

Summer Bible Camp

We set up Bible camps in different areas around the Western Slope to share the love of Jesus and the message of the Gospel with grade school children.  

Opportunities: Set-up/tear down, organizers, teachers, meals, games.

Contact: Julia Gomez 970-249-5306 x 27

Olley the Trolley Team

Olley is a major part of Outreach at Grace and needs some TLC from time to time. If you are mechanically inclined or just want to help us keep Olley clean this is the team for you!

Opportunities: Maintenance, repair, routine checks, design.

Contact : Jeremy Sandeno 970-249-5306 x 25


“Assuredly I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” - Matthew 25:40