Love the Western Slope is a ministry that strives to share Gods love through acts of kindness. Rich, poor, middle class, every race and every creed, all could use a touch of God’s love.  We’re working to making the communities of the Western Slope better by acts of kindness and we’re doing it in the name of Jesus.  Love the Western Slope is a ministry your whole family can be involved in. Throughout the year we do random acts of kindness. 

A Movie and Popcorn: We take a bag of microwave popcorn, put a little card on it that says, “Free Gift for You”, and stick it to the Red Box machines around town.

Mother’s Day Flowers: We stand in strategic locations on Mother’s Day and give roses away, each with a card that says, “Happy Mother’s Day” to any woman who will take one. 

Cool Down: We hand out popsicles to the athletes on the recreation fields after their games.

Road Conditions: We adopted Woodgate Road and every few months we take pride in going out and making it look nice by picking up trash.

You are loved: We take shifts on different areas in the community handing out homeless kits which include hygiene products, snacks, laundry card etc.

Part of the Community: We support community events such as Music by the River, Youth Appreciation, Farmer’s Market and Expos to bring our bungee run, pumpkin carving or face painting for the kids.

A Better View: As customers wait in line for the drive-in movies, we wash their windshield.

Food for Fathers: On Father’s Day after service we offered the men a Food Truck card to be used for a free meal at the various options of trucks we had in our parking lot.

S’more kits: During the warmer months we take S’more kits to the KOA’s, with an invite to experience church on Sunday at some of the locations that have a streaming connection with us.

Get to Know Your Neighbor: We handed out BBQ kits so people could reach out to their neighbors and have a BBQ with them and get to know them.

In a world that spends a lot of time talking about the bad, we want to touch everyone with a little bit of hope and good. Our ultimate desire is that people will come to understand that God loves them so much that He gave his Son, Jesus to die on the cross for their sins. But we’re thrilled when we just bring a smile to a person’s face.

Contact Monica Baroz for more information (970)249-5306 ext 27