Love the Western Slope is a ministry that strives to share God's love through acts of kindness

We think the church has done some really amazing things, but we acknowledge it hasn’t always represented God very well. The Bible says, “God is love.” So we figured doing somewhat random loving things that won’t be returned back to us or paid back would be a good way to show our community what we believe God is like – giving, loving and kind.

Since the ministry began in April 2014, it has touched thousands of lives with small acts of kindness – from handing out an unexpected flower to rolling up our sleeves for a much-needed Fall cleanup. You can see the other projects we’ve done here.

In a world that spends a lot of time talking about the bad, we want to touch everyone with a little bit of hope and good. Our ultimate desire is that people will come to understand that God loves them so much that He gave his Son, Jesus to die on the cross for their sins. But we’re thrilled when we just bring a smile to a person’s face.

Contact Karl Leuthauser for more information or click on the link below.