Taking it Deeper

Spend some time in: 1Exodus 31:1-5; 35:30-35; 36:2-7; 1 Corinthians 12:1-30; Luke 11:9-13; Romans 1:11

Discussion Questions for Small Groups or Individual Study

1. Do you have any special or unique talents the group might not now about? Read Exodus 31:1-5. How are the spiritual gifts listed here similar or different to your understanding of other spiritual gifts? 

2. Considering your gifts, passions, and understanding of the truth why do you think God has you in your current workplace or school? Why has He placed you in your family? In your church? 

3. Karl said, “Purpose doesn’t come from completing the task, it comes form how the task completes us.” Do you agree or disagree? How have you seen that in your life? How could that idea affect the purpose you find in your daily tasks?  

4. Read Luke 11:11-13. Karl said, “What we bring is precious. What God brings is powerful.” How have you seen the Holy Spirit use or multiply the little you bring to a situation? 

5. Read Exodus 35:30-35. What the difference between instruction and impartation? What gifts, ideas, or approaches have been imparted to you by others? What has God given you that you can impart to others?