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Refuge Bible Study

Refuge exists to give teens the opportunity to dig deeper than what they have been told about God's word, and start discovering stuff for themselves. Teens learn that the power of God's word can "Come Alive" in their lives when they diligently seek the truth. Through Scripture study, compelling videos, games, worship and small group discussions, Refuge Bible Study helps our teens focus on God as their protector, their helper and their ONLY reliable source of strength.

When: 10:30am Sunday Mornings

Where: The Grove Youth Center (just south of main building)

For Who: All teens 6th-8th Grade

We also have our Sunday donut gathering in the coffee shop for high schoolers.

Ignite 4:12

Ignite 4:12 was birth out of the Scripture 1 Timothy 4:12 which says:

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

This is a large scale youth event that takes place once a month for the city of Montrose. There is amazing food, fantastic prizes, loud live music and a message for today's teenagers.

The night always starts off in our gym where they will be met by our volunteers to make sure they are welcomed, invited and loved. Volunteers will then have a delicious homemade hot meal prepared for the teens. They will have the opportunity to hear a live DJ and be able to play many table games that are set out. From there, they will move to our main auditorium where they will hear exciting, heartfelt, authentic, quality worship music put on by our worship team members. Then we always close with a relevant message from the Bible by Youth Pastor Sarah Nichols or a selected guest speaker. These messages may include tough issues that a teenager today might be struggling with like, family issues, drugs, abuse, bullying, confusion, feeling valued or loved. But we always bring it back to what God says and how valuable they are. So much that he would send His only Son Jesus to die for them.

Also during this night, students will have the opportunity to connect with a Fuse Group leader.

When: 6:30pm every 1st Wednesday of every month.

Where: Starts in the gym in main building

For Who: All teens 6th-12th grade

Fuse Groups

Fuse Groups are small groups for our teens. They meet in various places from homes to coffee shops. This is a way for our teen to have accountability to be in God's word weekly with their peers We strive as followers of Jesus to be in the Bible everyday for direction, clarity and growth. Fuse Groups is an outlet for our teens to grow in their faith with others.